Be a Change Agent:

Create Change Within and Without


We exist at a time in history unlike any other. At the same time that the world seems to be in turmoil, human consciousness continues moving towards a peak in its evolution. But out of chaos always comes order. Before things get better they often get worse. Before a situation comes together sometimes it has to first fall apart. 


We exist in a time of change. Will you be a part of that change?  


To do so, you don’t have to become an activist, although you can. You do, however, have to change your consciousness. 


The Kabbalists, or Jewish mystics, taught that human beings were created as receivers. God, the Ultimate Creator, created us as the receivers of all the Divine goodness He/She had to offer us and all of creation. Our purpose in creation lies in receiving that goodness. That’s the easy part, because we naturally desire that goodness for ourselves, and the desire pulls the goodness to us. (Admittedly, actually allowing in the goodness can be difficult for some people.) 


But…we need to have a new desire. We have to want a new consciousness that wants to receive Divine goodness not for our own sake alone but rather for the sake of giving it to others, say the Kabbalists. That’s the hard part. We have to have the desire to share what we receive with others.  


For those of us who love others, for instance our children, this actually may feel easy. We share with them unconditionally. However, we have to feel this way about everyone and everything. We have to want to share unconditionally with all of creation. We have to want to receive in order to share. 


And when we do this, we find ourselves in harmony and in unity with the Creator. From this place and with this consciousness, we can create amazing change in our lives and in the world.  


Why are you alive at this time in history? Do you want to influence positive change or let them happen around you? Do you want to be a change agent?  


The first step to creating change is simple (not necessarily easy): Create a new desire within yourself — the desire to receive God’s goodness — the things that you desire — so you can share it with all of creation.  


And then ask yourself, “How will I share this goodness?” What is your purpose here in this lifetime and in this world?  What are your special talents and gifts, and how will you use them to create positive change? In other words, what is your soul’s purpose? Put this to use now…now is the time. 


We can’t stop change, but we can be a part of it. I challenge you to begin by simply changing your own consciousness, by changing your desire.  Create change within. When you do so, you can’t help but begin creating change without. 


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